Friday, June 24, 2011

Semester Break Project!

Hey guys!
Long time no see!
I just want to start this post by saying really quick, I am sorry for the delay on the Fourth Tower Web-Comic release. It was due on the 20th but this week was the last week of semester and I've been bogged down with finishing assignments as well as polishing up a show-reel for our student exhibition.

Ok, that out of the way, I will explain what this post is all about.
As was reinforced by the responses at the expo, I have realized that I am not doing enough
projects in my own time to practice my animation skills as well as delve deeper into my new found love of special effects.
I have a month free before starting TAFE again next semester, and I intend to USE IT!

Problem is, I don't have a team, as in, the most I could get out of my friends is getting them to maybe hold the camera for me, that's about it.

My 3D knowledge is farrrrrrr from what is required to make an all animated film, which means I need live footage to edit.
As you can imagine, making a film with just yourself is practically impossible, and it is this reason why I write today.
I'm trying to think of an idea that I can use, with only footage of nature, different areas, crowds of people, etc, but without having specific 'characters'.

The idea of crossin 3D with film has crossed my mind, and over around 8 hours struggle managed to pull the video at the bottom of the page together.

Which bring me to my last point!
Matching the timing of where I am looking and where the 3D creature is was very time consuming and was a lot of trial and error. The sparkling particle effects, however, were created in the video editing program, so I could see exactly where I was looking and where the particles needed to be.
In an attempt to make my computer speed up a tiny amount, I temporarily disabled the creature, and quite liked the look of just the particles on their own.

Unfortunately, it does show off a lot less of what I can do, BUT I also know that less can sometimes be more, and I am torn between which style I like. Both videos are below for you to review,
If you could let me know which one you prefer and why, that would be AWESOME!
Also, if you have any ideas of what I could do, or have been in a similar situation yourself, I would love to hear about it :)

Cheers guys!
Until next time.


  1. I know the feeling man, to get footage as a student or freelancer that is worth editing sucks anus. Editing with special effects or MAX can be really fun but lets face it, if the original footage sucks there is only so much editing can do and if the final render isnt good, it was wasted time.

    The video with the creature is a good start man, not to hard to get some nature footage and make a animated short film with mystical creatures like you made there, even if its not a story, more of a demonstration of knowledge, either way.

    Im all for helping ya :D

  2. That's exactly right man. I showed my dad the footage of the creature flying around me, and the only thing he said is "you need to work on your acting skills"
    Kinda dumb considering im wanting to be an animator, not an actor, hah, but it proves your point anyways.

    Yea I was thinkin about filming me walking in the pines and have the creature followin me, then it plants some sort of magical tree and stuff, cos ive been working on a pretty cool looking tree, check courtney's facebook page if ya havent seen it :P

    But thanks for the help offer man, May need to take u up on that over this break:P