Saturday, May 14, 2011

Memorable Moments: Betrayal

Fiona Mcintosh: Betrayal

"Cloot removed his garments until he stood naked in the sunlight, his strange, deformed body an intrusion in this beautiful place. Tor dared not say a word. Then his friend crouched low to the ground, pulling his head right into his knees and covering as much of himself as he could with his long, hairy arms. The intensity of the sunlight began to increase, at first slowly and then rapidly until Tor could barely make out Cloot's outline. He was terrified as he felt a mighty power descending...

... He yelled Cloot's name against the hum of the magic and closed his eyes against the scintillating colours which clamoured around the diminishing huddle in the centre. Suddenly everything became silent. Tor snapped open his eyes just as a large, majestic falcon lifted effortlessly from the clearing, its wings beating rhythmically and powerfully.
Tor screamed once more, loudly and with despair, as Cloot disappeared from his sight high above the trees."
- Excerpt from Betrayal - Fiona McIntosh.

Cloot was my favorite character of this series :)

Betrayal is the first book of an epic trilogy that still has an effect on me today. I read this trilogy more than four years ago and have not read anything to this scale since.


  1. Hmm you made me interested.

  2. Not my typ of book, intresting post tho (: