Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Last Lantern

The Last Lantern of the forest

 last lantern    

Over dry hills
The lions flew,
Hot wind bearing them lift.
With sand in face
And clouded view
The rider held his gift.

Descends the beast
From dunes to trees,
A shrouded forest tall.
Within the haze
Beneath the breeze
Preparing for his fall.

Undying dark
Formed in the air
As branch held back the sun.
A pulsing light
Of yellow fair
Shone bright from lanterns one.

Following paths
The rider stood
And murmur did the light.
“Before our curse
This forest could
Escape awaiting night.”

                              -Jonathon Best  ©

This poem was inspired by a dream. I was riding a flying lion through the clouds, carrying an object of great importance. Below me were sand dunes, and I could see the line of green where the sand stopped and the forest started. That was my destination.
I swooped down into the forest and handed the lantern my object. I arrived just in time and the lantern managed to use the object to light all the other lanterns, making the forest bright and beautiful once again. If I had taken any longer, the forest would have been submerged in darkness forever.


  1. Dude, you really need to get this stuff published. You've got talent!