Sunday, May 1, 2011

Keeper of the Kingdom

- Jonathon Best ©

Keeper of the kingdom,
He watches in wait,
For he only knows
How to cross the last gate.
The horses of thunder,
The staves are held high,
Through thick falling rain
Hear the raw battle cry.

The castle a war ground,
Barricaded in fort,
Archers of loyalty
Defend with retort.
Boulders are blazing,
Catapults sling,
Young princes protecting
Their father and king.

From graves rise an army,
The un-dead and scourged,
The wizard in question
With the spells he had forged.
The apprentices strike
With the skills they’re still learning,
Mimic their masters
For the skills they are yearning.

The clouds, they do part,
As above gods reach out,
With a touch to the earth
The on slaughters shout,
Their powers were draining
And in this they see,
Through the rain and the blood
There was no room for thee.

With a blow of the horn
And a twist of the reigns,
Through the gate, they retreat
Over rough muddy plains.
Portcullis is falling,
The drawbridge ablaze,
Though more shall return
And the castle they’ll raze.
This poem was based on a battle scene that the song 'Wishmaster' by Nightwish gave me.


  1. It's been a while since I last listened to a Nightwish song

  2. nightwish... not familiar with it... but it isn't bad :)

  3. Nice poetry and i like the video with it!

  4. I like the first stanza. The last line of it is a tad shaky, but otherwise it's strong. You should consider submitting your poetry to a journal or magazine. You'd do well there.

  5. cheers for the comments, guys!
    and Sinclair thanks for the advice! I will definitely look into somewhere to show some of my work. Glad your enjoying it =)