Friday, May 6, 2011



Civilians walking,
Their last moments on earth,
Civilians talking,
The day of its birth.
An unknown power
Fabricates inside,
And on its release,
Only he shall decide.

But one is aware,
And within she will seek,
The cure of the night,
From her it shall leak.
Her forces are gathered
Defence is at hand,
Through Hordes of these demons,
Alone she must stand.

The rise of flames,
Lull before scorn,
On this forsaken night
A new realm will be born.
A wave of devotion,
Indestructible power,
Stopping at nothing,
With all to devour.

The barriers broken,
Armageddon is near,
Night skies overwhelming,
The earth filled with fear.
The sorceress fallen,
The demons roam free,
Turning earth that we knew
To the depths of the sea.
-Jonathon Best ©
This poem was inspired by the band Within Temptation. Once again, the song is below. Enjoy!


  1. Nice doom's day touch on this one. Within Temptation is cool too.

  2. it is not the music I normally prefere but it's not bad