Tuesday, April 19, 2011

This is our own

This is a short recap of our night in the Asylum in story form. I hope you enjoy :)

It was the night after they found the mental asylum that they decided to explore its bordered up remains properly. Josh organised a large group of torch holders and weapon bearers, as the more people with him, the less horrifying the experience.

That first night, Josh and his friends did have a brief look around. The grounds seemed pretty secure, save the odd chimney smashed on the concrete paths, or the scattered metal sheets that had once been covering some of the windows.
The group of three crawled through the perimeter fence, but the only way into the building itself was through a less than inviting window, which had been smashed open by what the group could only assume were previous explorers. Agreeing that they weren’t going to climb through the window that night, they explored around the outsides instead, as many open walkways connected the five buildings.

Whilst passing between the office building and the first ward, they heard a bone-shaking clang ahead of them, as if someone had slammed the side of an iron drum with a crowbar. The place itself was enough to put the trio on edge, but at the first sign of another’s presence, they decided to leave – very quickly.
Running back down the side of the ward, a rattling of corrugated iron seemed to follow them across each window they passed.
Clambering under the fence and back to the car, the friends caught their breath. The comforting sound of the engine starting removed their startled fears, as they laughed about their experience. Josh was sure it was just the wind blowing something over. Though the debate about what the noises were came in various thoughts and theories, there was one thing they did agree on - That they would return only with a much larger group.

It was this that decided the events of the following night. As once before, the three stood nervously around in Josh’s front room, talking about the Asylum. This time, however, they were waiting for cavalry. All at once, Four extra cars pulled into the drive, and from them emerged a total of eight people.
With the eleven of them, all wielding torches and some form of bat or hammer, they were confident about the up and coming venture. Though as the cars pulled up out the front of the asylum, their confidence drained away quite rapidly.

The Building itself looked terrifying, and would do even without the abandoned aspect. The visions of the securely bordered windows and iron sheets being replaced with half open blinds and curtains shook the group even more.
Like all abandoned buildings, there were rumours of it being haunted. This being completely overlooked by most. However, the superstitious ones in the group seemed almost ready to run back down the street in an instant attempt at getting as far away as possible.

Once everyone had been assigned their torch and weapon, the group walked onward. Torches blazing, the three who originally found the place lead the way. A small hole in the fence was what they were looking for, as the top was barbed. After walking around half of the building, They came to the makeshift entrance, and squeezed through, one by one.

The window that the first three had spotted now looked even smaller than before. They hoisted the smallest of the group up to its height, but even he had troubles getting through once up there. There was also the worry of getting back out. Deciding there had to be an easier way in, they walked back down the corridor they had before heard the metal clang.
No noises rattled as they passed the windows and crept through the walkways. Although it felt good to finally be having a good look around this place, Josh couldn’t help but feel slightly disappointed as the ‘spooky haunted asylum’ as he advertised it seemed to be missing its ‘spooky’ and ‘haunted’ elements.

After trying all the solid wood doors on the way around, they came across another window. This one, however, didn’t look like it belonged to a bathroom, but rather an office or lounge of some kind. It was much larger, and lower to the ground.
This was the entrance everyone had been hoping for, so after checking the ledges for broken glass and the ground for syringes or anything else they wouldn’t want to land on, they hopped in.

The inside was instantly more like what had been expected. Wallpaper and paint peeled from the walls, doorframes looked as if they were attached by their last nail, exposed wooden floorboards that creaked as you walked. The odd hole between the floorboards that looked horrifying to peer down.
Once the last of the group had climbed the window, they stood around for a few minutes, all torches shining in all directions, whilst discussing which way to go.

With no ghost sightings so far, and this particular block seeming completely free all spirits and drug users, the group spread out slightly, each person peering into a room of their choice.
The smallest of the group saw a glint of light from above the door, and instantly diverted his torch. In the remaining glass, two pigeons had been painted, and both seemed to be staring back at him.
He called whoever was closest, and they came into the room from the side. The pigeons turned their heads. They weren’t painted at all, in fact there was no glass above the door as he first thought, but it had been smashed out, like most of the windows there.
Neither people had ever seen pigeons sit so deadly still and stare at people as they walked directly beneath them. The two boys stared at the pigeons in amazement, as more of the group returned to see what the others were staring at.

Josh felt a cold chill down his spine as he stared at the pigeons, who were now staring at him. He felt as if they were trying to talk to him.
He told the group to stop shining the torches directly at their faces, lest they angered them.
The group responded instantly, which came as a surprise, but still they watched the pigeons for a moment longer.
It took one of the girls to tell the rest to move on, as she became bored rather quickly of the almost motionless pigeons above the door. The group split up once again.

After leaving the pigeons, more than just Josh of the group felt the sensation of words from the pigeons. They could only explain it to each other as that feeling when you know exactly what you want to say, but when you open your mouth, the words completely vanish from your thoughts.
Turning from the staff printing room into a long hallway, the group felt a simultaneous shudder. Ahead of them were slightly illuminated wooden beams, rushing back towards the end of the hall, which was cloaked in absolute darkness. They shined their torches down the very end, to see unhinged or open doors all the way along. This did nothing at all to lighten the mood. They all stared for what felt like the kind of minute when you are waiting for something, and you watch the clock count down, one second at a time. In reality, they were watching a mere moment, but each had their breath held, waiting for the sight of a shadow or... something, to cross the hallway at the far end. The dancing shadows cast by the moving torches were enough to keep everyone edgy, which explained why everyone jumped at a pigeon from down the end of the hall poked his head out from behind a door. Some still shivering, they laughed at their own stupidity.

One foot at the time, the ones who felt they needed to impress the rest walked down the corridor. Almost instantly, on the left, was a flight of wooden stairs leading down into an underground compartment.
Two went ahead with the brightest torches to confirm the area clear. As they descended, they too could be heard talking to each other about the feeling of unspoken words, and how the staring pigeons were starting to freak them out. Conscious of how rotten some of the steps looked, after the two reached the bottom, one person at a time followed after that. Although at first the group thought this was some kind of basement, the building must have been on a hill, as across from the bottom of the staircase was what seemed to be the grand entrance to the admin building.
Baby pigeons were scattered across barrels of straw under the stairs, and throughout open power boxes that had long been smashed open.
The ground was completely encrusted with pigeon droppings, but that was the only litter to be found. It seemed as if no one had been in here for a very long time.

Josh walked towards the main entrance doors and through an open archway to the side. It lead to what looked like an old visitors’ waiting room. There was a fireplace, with charred wood scattered around the floor nearby. The room still smelt of ash, and something else which he couldn’t pinpoint. He scrunched up his nose and examined the fireplace further. There was an old chair nearby, which had been pulled in close.
Josh began thinking about who would come down here to light a fire, and with no evidence of anyone else with them. Maybe they were homeless - that would explain why someone had forced an entry in the first place.
The lone chair seemed to be painted, or at least encrusted with something. Josh moved closer and aimed his torch directly at the seat. It was a dark red, and seemed to gleam under the light.

Startled, Josh stepped back. He was frozen by his thoughts, a sense of vulnerability flooding through him. It was only a moment of panic however, as his confidence returned instantly as he heard the hums of his friend’s voices from another area. He managed to release his gaze from upon the chair, and turned to leave the room.
As he turned, something collided with his hand, forcing the torch from his grasp, and a sharp yell from his mouth. The torch dimmed, before going completely out. Frightened, he jumped backwards and winded himself on the corner of the fireplace, falling to his knees, coughing. Above the archway, on a shelf running the width of the room, hundreds of glinting reflections could be seen. The torch was now flickering dimly, and Josh tried to reach it with the last of his energy. No luck. He was almost completely unable to breath, and everything seemed to be buzzing and pulsing around him.
The pigeons sat, staring at him. None moved a muscle, but they needed not say anything, as their feelings were written across their blank, staring faces. As the torch rolled on the ground, it illuminated the wall beneath them.
Josh looked up at the last spot of light in the room. “This is our own” was what could be read, Smeared across the wall in what seemed to be human faeces. The sight of the words mixed with the nausea he now felt from lack of oxygen made him almost throw up. He tried calling to his party, but the noise was drowned out by dry reaches and coughs. He slammed a fist on the ground with all his strength, trying to make a sound at any cost. His vision was growing blurry. He just needed to breathe.

Through the slits of his closing eyelids he saw torchlight. He tried to yell once more, but wasn’t sure if the noise he made was out loud, or in his head. The beam was joined by a few more, and they seemed to be coming towards him. He stretched out an arm and felt someone grab it, before he fell into unconsciousness.

- Jonathon Best©


  1. Exploring abandoned buildings is cool. We used to do that too with friends when we were younger.

  2. What then ? come on you can'tput a cliff hanger there i frobid it :P no seriously continue the sotry mate

  3. That was cool, can't wait for the next part

  4. I love urban exploration. I went to an abandoned Renaissance Fair near my school, pretty awesome and creepy. Friends of mine have been to a few insane asylums. Where was this one at?

  5. This ones at Clairemont, Perth, Western Australia. Theres a previous blog post of mine which talks a little about it, as well as a couple of pictures that were taken on the night.

  6. Well fuck me, I sure would hate to be that Josh kid