Thursday, April 21, 2011

Heading home at night

Something is constantly following me. It cant be seen or caught, it seems to be beyond physical form, but theres that uneasy feeling of a presence thats constantly with me, everywhere I turn.
This poem is about me leaving my local forest area (This is the only hangout for me and my friends within walking distance) and walking home, feeling 'Its' eyes burning into the back of my skull, whatever 'it' may be.
The face you see in the corner of your eye, only to dissapear when you turn, the figures that your trees' shadows twist into, only to turn back to shadows as you divert your gaze.
A short story has been written about this character, and can be viewed here

Heading Home
- Jonathon Best ©

Heading home,
Late at night,
As the sounds
Give you fright,
Through the strong chilling wind,
Something doesn’t seem right.
Is it just
In your head?
Soon you’ll be
Safe to tread,
But until click of lock,
Will you make it to bed?

Through the hall,
Treading fair,
Past the mirror
Standing there,
Did there come from behind
The patter of a second pair?
Quick increase
Of slow pace,
Did the flutter
Start to race?
Do you turn, try to see?
Or just keep a covered face?

Brush your teeth,
Wash your hair,
Tell yourself that
No one’s there,
Soon you’ll be fast asleep,
Then nothing can breach your lair.
Scurry now,
Faster still,
With your water
And a pill,
Shut your eyes – hold them fast,
As the shadow plans its kill.


  1. Very creepy but really well written post.

  2. Thats a nice one and the ending is suitable

    keep it up

  3. Very nice. I know the feeling when you think someone is watching you. :s

  4. I like. A perfect thing to read as I go through my sleep-time routine.