Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Boxer Animation

Today is my last day at TAFE until our break and our 3D assignment is due.

The characters were given to us as a practise file, but the animations, sounds, editing and compiling was done by each person individually. At the end of this blog i will link my youtube video of the final result.

The programs used were 3DS Max 2011 and Adobe Premier Pro (With windows movie maker thrown in there at the end to mega-compress the file for the youtube upload.)

The assignment itself was just to animate 7 boxing moves (4 punches, 2 kicks, and a stance.)
We were given a youtube video of a boxing instructor and used it as a refference to make our own boxing animation. I wanted to add a little bit more spice, so added a second character to the ring and made a little bit of interaction, too.

All animation was done using 3DS MAX. I rendered a total of 6 camera angles. the total animation is 330 frames, though not all cameras were rendered for the full amount. With all 6 cameras, that adds up to 1490 individual frames each saved as a png file!

These were then compiled by Premier pro, and this is where I cut and paste, as well as repeated a few moves. I trimmed off the unwanted footage, added sound effects, fades and titles. The background was also added in Premier Pro, unfortunately that was part of the assessment so I had no other choice. I would have rather rendered it straight out from 3DSMax so that it moved to fit each camera.

I am considering putting up some tutorials for these programs as well as a few others, but for the time being, I will just share with you my little creations :)

I hope you enjoy!


  1. 3D modeling can be a huge pain, but quite often has awesome results!

  2. Very nice work, we tried to make some 3D model videos back in our ICT lessons in school. We sucked at it though haha

  3. I used to do alot of maya; did it for 2 years as a hobby. 3d can be VERY VERY fun.

  4. Hehe, Tekken 3 sounds, am I right?

    Nicely done, have a friend who does animation as well, haven't really seen anything of him though.

  5. This si pretty good stuff =D
    sounds are nice too =p

  6. SPojs, yessir, it is tekken 3! haha.
    Had them sounds in my head as soon as I started animating, I am quite happy with how easily I managed to download them.

    Azoo, I am yet to learn maya, our college wants to teach 3ds max first before we switch programs, but it looks pretty damn confusing. Were you self taught?

  7. The red beast kicked your ass. :(

  8. @Johnny: Yes, self taught over a few years. The tutorials that come with Maya are actually DAMNED thorough.

  9. Hahaha! That looks really funny. I once tried doing some 3D stuff (without animation, just some models) and I got completly lost. Nice work!

    By the way, nice blog, I follow you ;-)