Thursday, April 28, 2011

Memorable Moments: The Shadow Over Innsmouth

Memorable moments #01
H.P. Lovecraft. The Shadow Over Innsmouth.

"At length, feeling a fatigue which had nothing of drowsiness in it, I bolted the newly outfitted hall door, turned off the light, and threw myself down on the hard, uneven bed - coat, collar, shoes, and all. In the darkness every faint noise of the night seemed magnified, and a flood of doubly unpleasant thoughts swept over me. I was sorry I had put out the light, yet was too tired to rise and turn it on again. Then, after a long, dreary interval, and prefaced by a fresh creaking of stairs and corridor, there came that soft, damnably unmistakable sound which seemed like a malign fulfillment of all my apprehensions. Without the least shadow of a doubt, the lock of my door was being tried - cautiously, furtively, tentatively - with a key."
- Excerpt from H.P.Lovecraft's The Shadow Over Innsmouth.

Fantastically written and truly horrifying.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Avatar Yourself

I've had that avatar picture sitting at the bottom of my page for ages now, and although I thought it had all been done before, I was surprised at the amount of people still looking for a way to 'avatar' themselves.
Ive found a few screenshots of my progression, and here I will post them with captions to try to help out those still having trouble. I hope you find it informative :)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Ever Watching Part 2 of 2

(A short story by Jonathon Best©2011)
Part 1 can be viewed here >>> Part 1

All around me.
My head hurts, and I’m guessing it’s from more than just a fall. Are my eyes open? I don’t even want to know. On the count of three. One... two...
I try my eyes, and a blinding brightness shoots to the back of my skull. Shit!
I lay my head back down and wait for the newfound agony to subside. A few moments pass. I try again, opening them slowly this time. A bright blur, gradually giving way to a few blotches of grey. They grow and sharpen in clarity as I peer around the room. A desk, a cabinet and the end of my bed. The brightness is being emitted by a spotlight directly above my head – The only light in the room, though its power has faded greatly now my eyes are in focus.
I take another sweep of the room.
A Hospital?
Strange, though. Even for a hospital it looks too glum. Looking down at my clothes I find that I’m wearing the same clothes I had on that night. That night at the park with Jerry. A flash crosses my mind as I recall the events of that night. A shiver is rides up my spine and plants itself deep into my neck.
I know exactly where I am, and it sure as hell isn’t a hospital!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Ever Watching Part 1 of 2

(A short story by Jonathon Best©2011)

Once again I receive a call from my socially insecure friend. You can always tell when it’s him because he speaks as if he has just been asked a confusing question, or as if the ‘telephone’ is still a new ‘thing’ and he is still learning how to use it.
He asks me if I’m busy, because he has had a bad day and wants to talk (complain) about it. Nothing new. I weigh up my options. Do I really need to listen to his bullshit? Or is making an excuse sounding good ‘roundabout now? Not that I’m ever busy, and he knows it. So, like always, I reply with ‘Sure man, just gimme 5 minutes and I will head down.’

He only lives a few houses along. I guess that’s why we see so much of each other. There can’t be many other reasons, really. We never find much to talk about, or rather, we always end up talking about the same thing, more or less; Why society is fucked. Why god is a stupid notion. Why most people don’t see things the same way we do... It’s all the same, and it all lost its intrigue about a year and a half ago. Still, though, we walk most nights, throwing back and forth our rhetorical questions, hitting each other with intelligent quotes or statistics that may change the other persons mind, even though we are usually on the same side anyway. It was all a complete waste of time.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Heading home at night

Something is constantly following me. It cant be seen or caught, it seems to be beyond physical form, but theres that uneasy feeling of a presence thats constantly with me, everywhere I turn.
This poem is about me leaving my local forest area (This is the only hangout for me and my friends within walking distance) and walking home, feeling 'Its' eyes burning into the back of my skull, whatever 'it' may be.
The face you see in the corner of your eye, only to dissapear when you turn, the figures that your trees' shadows twist into, only to turn back to shadows as you divert your gaze.
A short story has been written about this character, and can be viewed here

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Boxer Animation

Today is my last day at TAFE until our break and our 3D assignment is due.

The characters were given to us as a practise file, but the animations, sounds, editing and compiling was done by each person individually. At the end of this blog i will link my youtube video of the final result.

The programs used were 3DS Max 2011 and Adobe Premier Pro (With windows movie maker thrown in there at the end to mega-compress the file for the youtube upload.)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

This is our own

This is a short recap of our night in the Asylum in story form. I hope you enjoy :)

It was the night after they found the mental asylum that they decided to explore its bordered up remains properly. Josh organised a large group of torch holders and weapon bearers, as the more people with him, the less horrifying the experience.

That first night, Josh and his friends did have a brief look around. The grounds seemed pretty secure, save the odd chimney smashed on the concrete paths, or the scattered metal sheets that had once been covering some of the windows.
The group of three crawled through the perimeter fence, but the only way into the building itself was through a less than inviting window, which had been smashed open by what the group could only assume were previous explorers. Agreeing that they weren’t going to climb through the window that night, they explored around the outsides instead, as many open walkways connected the five buildings.