Thursday, March 3, 2011

Whose realm of reality are we in?

I am quite excited to briefly speak about one of a few side projects that me and a few friends are currently working on. The name is still un-disclosed, and its exact nature is still secret, though I will say that it is a space in which three very diverse and very different minds can be explored.

Much time has been spent on aesthetics and user friendliness, as we want people to spend more time within the three realms instead of struggling with navigation, though this does not at all mean that minimal attention has been given to other areas such as the content. All it DOES mean, is that this project will take a fairly long time until its release, and I am estimating around 6 months at the least.

But do not panic! Updates will follow this one, keeping you all informed about progress, as well as screen caps and snippets =)

Until then, I leave you with the image of three lunatics drawing their own maps of their insanity afflicted minds, so you can wish they would hurry up and hand you a copy :)

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