Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dear Mr. Lovecraft...

Whilst some fall into the darkness of the earth with fear and depression, others revel in its intrigue and mystery.
Most walk the path at some stage in their lives and are panicked by their sudden blindness. Briskly beckoned to the world of day by other frightened souls, most turn back immediately into the comforts of pack mentalities and false senses of human worth.
They decorate the truth with attractive lies and enforce laws upon everyone just to feel important and in control over the one thing they know least about; life.
Instincts and impulses are shunned purely so that disgusted people have endless opportunities to shake their lowered heads at others in order to feel better about themselves.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My night in the Asylum

A while ago, a group of around 10 people and myself decided to explore the Claremont Abandoned Mental Asylum. We gathered at Josh's house in our exploration gear before setting off. Only Josh had a expensive enough camera to be able to take decent pictures in the almost pitch black of the Asylum, but in his flurry to gather protection from crackheads and 'ghosts', he completely forgot to take it with him. Because of this, all we have to show of our visit are a few small phone camera quality pictures, though in their lack of clarity they really help to bring out the eerie atmosphere.

All in all the trip was quite successful, as someone had obviously been there not long before us and left a side window broken wide open. We all clambered in and discussed where to go from there, as no one really felt like taking the first steps down the long black halls.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Whose realm of reality are we in?

I am quite excited to briefly speak about one of a few side projects that me and a few friends are currently working on. The name is still un-disclosed, and its exact nature is still secret, though I will say that it is a space in which three very diverse and very different minds can be explored.

Much time has been spent on aesthetics and user friendliness, as we want people to spend more time within the three realms instead of struggling with navigation, though this does not at all mean that minimal attention has been given to other areas such as the content. All it DOES mean, is that this project will take a fairly long time until its release, and I am estimating around 6 months at the least.

But do not panic! Updates will follow this one, keeping you all informed about progress, as well as screen caps and snippets =)

Until then, I leave you with the image of three lunatics drawing their own maps of their insanity afflicted minds, so you can wish they would hurry up and hand you a copy :)