Sunday, October 3, 2010

Extended About Me!

So, just who is this Jon character?

If you've stumbled across this blog by accident, stick around, as there could be a few things that interest you.

In short, I would say I am quite a strange guy, but that is only in comparison to most other people. I would like to think that in being different, I have something different to offer the world, as the thing I fear most is dying without leaving my mark. To leave a mark amongst the amount of people of the earth today, something very different needs to be done.
I don't know what my mark will be yet, though since a child, I have felt it would be through my writings.

Which brings me to my #1 interest.

Ive been writing since as long as I can remember. I used to staple 50 pages together when i was a kid, only to write on 3 of them and then start a new 50 page book with my new found ideas...

Poetry became an interest to me because i have too many ideas in my head and not enough time to write novels for each of them (yet), so I write quick 'images' of them through poems.

Many mornings I wake up and one or two crazy dreams are still in my head from that night. I write them down breifly, let my ideas brew, then turn them into poems that evening.

Its not very often that I start a poem and dont finish it, since once i'm in the 'zone' i tend to just sit there and write until i practically fall asleep at the keyboard.

My works usually consist of things which I can only describe as awesome anything about Demons, mythology, black magic, nightmares, wonderland, vampires, and other cool things are reoccurring topics... Though I also write about meadows, lakes, beautiful valleys and other worlds, as they are also commonly seen in my dreams.
My goal in life... is to retire to a grand wizards tower of my own design, somewhere away from civilization, with a view of hills and lakes, with mountains in the far distance, where I can sit peacefully and write all day.
The creatures in the fields and lakes should also be my own magical creations... and yes, this has been a theme for a number of my poems.

However, writing isn't my only form of expression. Some images I see are so vivid and amazing that I fear my words would be interpreted in a less impressive way by certain people, and I want the exact image to be shown to everyone. This is where Pictures come in.
I enjoy photography and photo-manipulation, as well as just straight drawing, though unfortunately my drawings NEVER look ANYTHING like they do in my head. Thanks to the aid of computers, I am slowly increasing my skills in imagery, and I am able to produce pictures closer and closer to how they look in my mind.
For the time being, though, it does seem that my most powerful works are the ones that are written.

I hope that my future entries inspire you, especially those who wish to become writers or just generally pursue a creative career, and I really hope you enjoy this insight into my cobwebbed and unorganized mind. It is a place I rarely let people tread.

- This website is now quite a few years old and is no longer updated, though I have kept it online as I enjoy looking back at these sorts of things. My newest website is